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Kingfisher Variety

Growing Bamboo, Herbs, & Cracker Roses
in Ocala & Gainesville Fl.

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Kirk's Palms

Home Page

Kirk's Palms

Kirk's Bamboo-An overview on growing bamboo the right way

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About Us


Herbs, Palms & Bamboo
Orange Lake, Florida

We hope you enjoy our pictures and descriptions of herbs, perennials, cracker roses, palms and camellias. Are you local to Ocala-Gainesville? Perhaps you will be driving to Gainesville for a Gator's game, or a Doctor's appointment at the V.A., or maybe you are in Ocala for a horse show or to see a concert at Silver Springs Attraction or merely visiting friends or family. We will email you the latest list of plants available that interests you.

We do not package and ship plants. We are just a small business and shipping plants seems like a tall order!

We created our website for local plant customers.

Phone(352) 591-4344 or
Email US for an appointment

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