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Kingfisher Variety

Growing Bamboo, Herbs, & Cracker Roses
in Ocala & Gainesville Fl.

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Wong Chuck "Royal" Bamboo       (Bambusa textilis}

Kirk's favorite speciman bamboo. The foliage grows at the top and one can see the beautiful big canes are the centerpiece. 4 inch round with a blue cast these beautiful culms can grow up to 50 feet like a pine tree or oak. The best thing is that the wind can blow through it and no branches will fall and need to be picked up. This landscape centerpiece is not for a small yard. $45 to $150 Bring a hauling trailer, a sheet to wrap the foliage and a red flag to bring it home. Keep well watered for the first year.

Spectabulis Bamboo A Running Bamboo

"If you want a running bamboo, buy a pretty one" a bamboo collector told Kirk and I. Just give it plenty of room, off in a corrner perhaps. I call this bamboo with its fantastic green and yellow coloring 'John Deere' Bamboo!

Buddah Belly Bambusa Tuldoides Ventricosa

Buddah can grow up to 50 ft. tall and each culm can get in excess of 3 1/2 inches wide. It is very popular in Gainesville as it is a prized and highly desireable large diameter Bamboo that is cold-hardy. 50 ft tall is about the same as an oak pine tree. Large containers are grown in the ground.. You will need to chop them free.

We have no more hedge bamboo available.

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