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I am a self -described designer/artist of new made and also recycled items. Many items begin with sewing things together from any old clothing, men's neckties, antique quilts or vintage linens. By using my patterns, you too can make your family treasures into a keepsake for years to come. My bear patterns are a great way to do this. The tie chair instructions can turn Daddy's ties into not only a grand memory but a nice piece of art or conversation piece,that has been repurposed.

I enjoy using fabrics from old clothing and also vintage pieces of curtains,tableclothes,linens that your Grandmother embroidered for a table runner 50 years ago. Turn those ties that Grandpa use to wear to work for 40 years and you just can't part with.They make beautiful evening bags and great skirts for todays young people.

I recycle old chairs, footstools and benches with vintage quilts that are not good enough to use on the bed. Maybe your family quilt has been treated badly over the years, but the memory is still there.No matter how bad it is there is something worth saving. The material can be reused in a bear or furniture covering or even framed with the makers information on it.

I have taken an old dented water pitcher or silverplated creamer and turn into a funky new wind chime by adding beads and old silverware.

Going "green" gives you a totally different perspective on JUNK or those throw aways. They can all be recycled if you think about it long enough. Before you throw away that tattered old quilt or that coat of grandma's or those linens that are stained, yellowed or have a few holes THINK--------What can I do with this?

Remember that any fabric,new or old, cloth or clothing material of any kind that is hanging around in the closet because it has too many memories to part with, lets turn it into a show piece or a piece of art .Keep those family memories alive for generations to come.

I will create a custom piece for you, with your own nostalgic neckties, quilt, or linens.
I would love to make them into a memory for the next generation!

E-mail any questions to rpreserved

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