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I am glad you are here to take a look at some of the new things and a few things made from vintage and repurposed stuff.

The Pattern and Kits page is made up of all my patterns for several different things. Hardware for the purse on the Bag for Sale page and a few kits for the tie chairs. There are enough ties to do any seat and also the instructions to make your own family heirloom.

The Necktie Chairs page you will find vintage chairs of all different types. Many different color seats and styles of chairs.These can be shipped. Contact me and we will talk.

You will find on my Bears page many different kind of bears.I guess you could say I have an addiction to bears. Bears from old quilts, bears from vintage linens, some from old coats, denim clothings, flannel shirts, and anythings else that strikes me! Fun stuff.

The My Favortie Bag page is my own purse pattern that I designed.I have ready made purses for those of you who don't want to make one or don't have the time or the know how. It is a really cool purse. Hands free is the best part!

The Neckties page is a few select ties that make a statement. Much less than a new one but still in great shape.If you see a couple that look good to you...............e-mail me and we can discuss a better price.

The Etcetera page is............ cool stuff,ever changing.

Going "green" gives you a totally different perspective on JUNK or those throw aways. They can all be recycled if you think about it long enough. Before you throw away that tattered old quilt or that coat of grandma's or those linens that are stained, yellowed or have a few holes THINK--------What can I do with this?

Remember that any fabric,new or old, cloth or clothing material of any kind that is hanging around in the closet because it has too many memories to part with, lets turn it into a show piece or a piece of art .Keep those family memories alive for generations to come.

I will create a custom piece for you, with your own nostalgic neckties, quilt, or linens.
I would love to make them into a memory for the next generation!

I can be reached through my e-mail (below) and if you have any comment click on the tweet Icon.

E-mail any questions to rpreserved

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